Happy New Year from Expeditionr

We’ve had tube doors and lefties and skid plates a-plenty.
But this year the projects are well below twenty.
So maybe we’ll settle for just three or four.
Perhaps in the following months there ‘ll be more.
For now let’s just say it concerns a new winch.
No longer will snatching be used in a pinch.
Attached to the winch, could it be a new bumper?
In order to mount we must move the old pumper.
New hoses, and wire, and loom all completed,
Our energy levels are nearly depleted.
But things are not finished so we must press on
Deploying the shop lights until crack of dawn.
Brackets, and washers, and numerous bolts,
Removing the battery – no need for jolts.
Repeating this process two or three times,
Instructions were faulty but it’s not a crime.
‘Cause several days later, our project’s complete,
With wires and hoses all tucked nice and neat.
Still need to attach the largest of cables,
Perhaps with more time we’d surely be able
To finish this project once and for all
But wait, we’re not done yet, I see you’re enthralled.
In addition to having a better-built tugger,
We recently mounted a fancy air chugger.
With tankfuls of carbon dioxide on board,
The logic and reason could not be ignored.
Ten pounds if you’re lucky and then you run out,
Regardless of how long you stand there and pout.
Rather than sticking with nothing but traces
We opted to purchase a brand new Oasis.
I see from your eyes that you’re fairly impressed.
But wait ’til you see how the air is compressed.
All this and more will be ready and waiting.
There’s no need to whisper and stand there debating.
I hear what you say and completely agree.
The details are coming and soon you will see,
The best kind of projects are ones that are free*.

*DISCLAIMER: Only the instructions are free. Parts and labor cost extra. 🙂

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