Getting Tired with Nitto Terra Grapplers

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Getting Tired with Nitto Terra Grapplers

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  1. How were the terra grapplers in comparison to the BFG all terrains? I’m going to be doing a lot of trail running like the pics on the banner of the site and I found a set of both at About the same price so I’m more concerned about performance tread life and mileage rather than what you get for your money for each set.

    Steve August 1, 2013 at 7:22 am #
  2. Hey Steve,

    I can only speak to the longevity of the BFG All-Terrains since I replaced my Nitto Terra Grapplers with Interco TrXus Mud Terrains after approx. 40k. The Nittos performed quite well in the beginning with excellent wet traction compared to the BFG A/Ts. But I suspect the softer compound of the Nittos will fall short in the wear and tear department as a result. I ran BFG A/Ts for years on multiple pickup trucks and got great mileage out of each set (80k+). Both brands perform quite well for light to medium trails, with the traction edge going to the Nittos. But if you plan on running in heavier mud or snow conditions I recommend skipping both these tires and upgrading to an actual mud-terrain tire instead. The tread patterns on both the BFG and Nitto all-terrains are too narrow and will not self-clean like a good mud-terrain will. So if you’re looking purely for the longest tread life, I’d go with the BFG A/Ts. If you want slightly less tread life but better traction in the rain and on the rocks (IMO), I recommend going with the Nitto TGs. Hope this helps and thanks for the comment.

    Expeditionr August 1, 2013 at 9:56 am #

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